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"There is beauty in music and song, beauty in the harmony of cooperation and positive interpersonal communication, beauty in well-spoken words, beauty inward as well as beauty outward."


But few persons have the experience, talent, and desire not only to display such beauty but also to teach it.  One rare person who does is Yolanda Simmons, a.k.a. Queen Yolanda, founder and President of Power Jewels.


Queen Yolanda is a beauty consultant who advises women and girls not just about makeup but also on their personal development, instructing them on both their inner and outer beauty.  She is also an educator and lecturer, a professor who teaches not just how to be a confident public speaker but also how better to communicate in interpersonal relationships. 


Throughout the years, she's helped many women young and old to live more fulfilled lives and exude confidence.


Queen Yolanda obtained a B.A. in Speech & Theatre and M.A. in Communication from Montclair State University. Additionally, she has a 2-year certificate of completion in Christian Ministry from New York Theological Seminary, certificate of training from the Association of Bridal Consultants and an honorary certificate of completion from Barbizon School of Modeling. 


She is a Professor of Communcation. In addition, she volunteers as a mentor for Dress for Success of Morris County. 


Queen Yolanda’s mission is to use her experience in communication, beauty, the performing arts, event planning, leadership and spirituality to help transform, inspire and encourage the lives of others.  











personal testimony

The Beauty of the Journey...

I Believe... Life is and always has been an amazing journey for me. The Creator enabled me to meet some of the most fascinating earthly beings that helped my growth these past 40+ years.

Keep Calm and Carry On...

I am indeed grateful and humbled by my life's experiences.  During the challenging times, I felt the very core of my being's unrest, however I chose-chose to move beyond the circumstances. Through the good and the not so good, I took bold steps, and kept the faith. I believed that everything would work out and it always did in the end. With God's help, I emerged as a Queen - radiant and at peace.

I Humble Myself...

So I kneel in reverence with uplifted hands - knowing that I am a child of the heavens because I do not depend on myself, but on God. My illumination is only a reflection of The All Mighty One. For I am wonderfully and divinely made.

I Am my Sister...

I believe women - all women should be encouraged to develop a relationship with the Creator and live their lives to the fullest! So I accept the responsibility of uplifting others. In doing so, I am aware that it's way beyond being my sister's keeper, but more importantly remembering that I am my sister.



Queen Yolanda

February 1, 2010


Please accept our sincere appreciation for your keynote presentation. It was an excellent speech, accomplished in a unique manner... The participants learned they were masters of their own ship - and had to steer it clear of negative elements that may approach... The 300 plus in attendance, including the adults really enjoyed the program.

- RoseMarie P., Newark, NJ

I was moved by Ms. Yolanda Simmons' speech about speaking up for yourself. Ms. Simmons pointed out some really important tips on effective advocating. She spoke about the proper way to approach a situation and how to resolve problems without any conflict or controversy... Also, she spoke about not making excuses, be assertive, stand tall and speak up for yourself... This motivational speaker made me feel like I could move mountains. She made me want to stand tall and hold my head up high.... Ms. Simmons boosted my confidence level to the point that I feel like I can achieve my goals... 

- Mary B., Paterson, NJ

An Inspirer. An Empowerer. An Engager. These three characteristics are just a short sample of the many you demonstrate to both parents and pupils of Paterson Public School #13. Thank you for your patience. Thanks for your time. The way you took time out of your job to help me to prepare for auditions, funerals and the real world. Thank you for staying at lunchtime to help me, even when I know there's a lot of places you’d rather be. Thank you for explaining things until I understood. Thank you for making me do my best. Thank you for being my teacher, inspirer, adviser and friend in a time of need; you are more like an aunt to me. I am lucky to have the best teacher in the world. Wherever I may go in life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher. Thank you once more for being such an amazing person and true inspiration. 

- Graceann E., Paterson, NJ