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Which Crystal or Mineral Is a Good Choice For Me?

Selecting Your Crystal or Gemstone

Crystals or gemstones are selected for various reasons, i.e. recieved as a gift, one's attraction/drawn to a stone, recommendation by another person, the stone feels good when held in one's hand, and etc. Whatever the reason, it is important to note that stones are from the earth.  According to Cumminghnam, stones are store houses of energy and their positive vibrations can be used to improve our lives.

How Do I Cleanse My Crystal or Mineral?

Cleansing Your Crystal or Gemstone

Upon recieving your crystal, it is necessary to cleanse it. There are various ways to do so. One of the most popualr ways is to soak the crystal in a solution of one or two tablespoons of sea salt with a bit of purified water for 24 hours in direct sunlight if possible (do not use this manner fro the crystals flourite, selenite, malachite and calcite). Then remove the crystal from the solution and rinse with cold purified water. In addtion, crystals may be cleansed with the smoke of cedar, sage or sweetgrass.

How Do I Program My Crystal & Mineral For My Own Use?

Programming Your Crystal or Gemstone

Charge your crystal through meditation by placing it in your projective hand (male - right and female - left) and focus on your needs (not wants). Have faith that the radiant energy of the stone will help to inspire you to attain your goals. Do not let anyone but those extremely close to you touch your crystal. Repeat this process weekly to keep your crystal pure.

REFERENCES: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal Gems, Metal Magic, and Stone Power 

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