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Power Jewels sells classic and modern, as well as fashionable and spiritually-inspired accessories for women. 

The Mission

The mission of Power Jewels is to provide functional, stylish and meaningful accessories that help women feel good and look stunning. 

The Back Story

Did you know, no two gemstones and crystals are the same. They are all different.  Our founder Queen Yolanda believes women are like these precious stones; they are beautifully and wonderfully made. Like gemstones and crystals, women are unique. We're born in various shapes, colors, sizes and etc. too. With this in mind, QY desired to help women, young and old take responsibility for their images. So, in August 2009, she created Power Jewels, a jewelry business dedicated to beautifying the physiques and auras of women. If you'd like to know more about how our products can meet your needs, contact a Power Jewels representative for an appointment. You can email us at info@powerjewels.net or call (201) 716-1639.

DISCLAIMER: Information shared on the Power Jewels website is for entertainment and spiritual edification purposes only. We are not medical doctors and do not offer medical advise. Please see a medical or other licensed healthcare professional for examinations, diagnosis and treatments.